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FREE Virtual phone.systems™

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We would like to tell you about our unique patented Virtual phone.systems™ from TeleZvon Company.

For the creation of a virtual phone.systems™ you will not need to lay cable, purchase and install additional expensive equipment and special software.

Even without special skills, you can easily customize and change the configuration of the virtual phone.systems™ set up by you.

After becoming a subscriber of TeleZvon, you can get the virtual phone.systems™ absolutely free to use it with unlimited possibilities.


Our virtual phone.systems™ allows you to configure call forwarding to VoIP, to any mobile or landline number.

By using the phone.systems™ control panel, customers are able to easily do the following:

  • Receive calls from one or many local numbers;
  • Make outbound calls;
  • Call users via internally-assigned extension numbers;
  • Assign internal extension numbers that can reach users anywhere in the world;
  • Forward calls to any phone number or VoIP destination;
  • Play back custom recorded messages to callers;
  • Direct calls using extension numbers;
  • Send calls to a voice-mail box;
  • Send voice-mail messages to selected email addresses;
  • Receive faxes and forward them to an email address;
  • Access a dial tone from configured DID numbers;
  • Host conference calls;
  • Implement blacklists to block incoming calls;
  • Define custom SIP devices;
  • Purchase voice services.

Please view the phone.systems™ user guide which shows the functionality and flexibility of the platform: http://www.pbxww.com/wiki/index.php/User_guide

phone.systems™ from TeleZvon Company is the key to your success.

We invite you to join us today and become the owner of the virtual phone.systems™ from TeleZvon Company.

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30 countries with a monthly fee of only $2.95

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  • UK: +44 (20) 704-860-80
  • English (UK)
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