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New User Guide - Creating SIP account on phone.systems™

SIP account on phone.systems™ and Configuring Zoiper

We have had a lot of requests for help with connecting SIP clients to phone.systems™. This includes physical IP desk phones, analog telephone adapters, all computer softphones and smartphone softphones.

How to create a SIP account on phone.systems™

The first step is to forward call to phone.systems™, you need to login www.telezvon.com-> My DIDs -> Details -> Change forwarding -> phone.systems™ -> Update.

Then choose phone.systems™ Panel from VIRTUAL NUMBERS MENU -> Launch phone.systems™.

To create a SIP account you will need to drag Phone Number object from the palette (when the Phone Number object is opened for configuration, a list of previously purchased, unused DIDs will be displayed (country and area codes). Click on any of these phone numbers to select the DID for this object.). 

And drag the Person object.


Now you will need to configure these two objects. Configure objects by clicking on the name of the object (it will expand to show more options), and then clicking on the gear icon that appears in the bottom right corner of the expanded object. 

Configuring the Person Object

This step is essential: it is here you will receive the SIP details necessary to connect your SIP client. When clicking the gear icon, you are first prompted to name the Person object. This is for your reference only. You will then be prompted to select a contact method; we will select "Voip" - > "Device" as you can see below.



After selecting Device, you will be prompted to name your SIP device. This name is again for your reference only. You can name it something simple ("SIP 1") or assign a name related to the Person who will use it ("Johns Office phone"). You can use these SIP devices in multiple objects, so this friendly name will assist you when selecting the right device in each different situation.

SIP Details


The details you will get on the next page are key to connecting any SIP client. Most importantly, you need the following information:

  • Username - This is the SIP username used to connect. It is sometimes referred to as Authentication ID, Auth ID, Auth Name, SIP Username or Username. Some clients have multiple areas where this can be entered; however, it is usually only required in one.
  • Password - This is the SIP password that is needed for your client to register. This is always referred to as SIP/Authentication Password or secret.
  • Server - This tells the SIP client where to connect/register. It has many names as well based on the client. It can be Domain, Proxy, Server or Registration Server.

This information cannot be edited, it is provided to you by phone.systems™. The only exception is that you are able to reset your password by pressing the green refresh button. We have enabled Outbound calling and selected our Phone Number in the Caller ID drop down box. This is only required if you plan on making outbound calls from your SIP client, otherwise no changes are needed on the page. You can click on all three essential pieces of information to copy it, so you can paste the information in your device configuration. Also you can record your outbound calls or change recorded message.

It is essential that you use the username, password and server exactly as it is displayed or your SIP client WILL NOT CONNECT. The most common problem is entering incorrect data in the SIP client configuration. Ensure there are no accidental spaces and that no characters get left out. Remember to click Create at the bottom right before moving on. If you do not Create the SIP account, you will not be able to register, and, as a result, you could end up having your IP address temporarily banned.

Connect the objects together, place the pointer with the attached сable over the left socket of another object and click on that socket.

Configuring Your SIP Client

Weadvise to use Zoiper Free http://www.zoiper.com/en/voip-softphone/download/zoiper3#windows (or X-Lite, Bria) in our demo due to its ease of use. No matter what SIP client you are using, you will need to access the SIP details page. With Zoiper Free, this can be done by right clicking anywhere on the interface and selecting options. We have added a SIP account called "test”. As you can see below, all we have done is copied in the details from the SIP device created in phone.systems™ above. Keep in mind, not all clients are this simple, so you may need to look at documentation to see where the details need to be inserted. A good practice is to put the information in the least amount of places possible (use the username, password and server once each) and try to register. If this does not work, you can try to add the username and/or server to other fields that your client may require.


Once you have all of the correct settings in your SIP client, you can apply/save the changes. At this point, your client should be able to successfully register. A new feature of phone.systems™ is that it shows you if your device is registered. SIP clients will generally also indicate if they are successfully registered. You can see this below:


As you can see, Zoiper shows that the account is registered right beside the account name (Registered). Also, our phone.systems™ SIP device has a Green light beside it, indicating our client has registered. If you would like to refresh the phone.systems™ device status indicator, click the name of the Person object to collapse it and then re-open it. It will be Green if your device is connected and red if it is not.


If you are unable to connect your SIP client, there are a few issues worth checking right away. Firstly, verify the information has been entered correctly in your SIP client. This means not only the correct information, but that it is in the correct places. If you made a mistake previously, our system may have temporarily banned your IP address from connecting. This is an automatic mechanism to avoid brute force attacks to gain unauthorized access.

To test this, using a computer on the same IP (network) as your SIP client, ping the SIP server that you are connecting to. In our example, that is 190.121753.sip.pbxww.com. To do this, open up a command prompt, which can be done by going to the Run option in Windows and typing "cmd”. Once the black command prompt box shows up, type: ping 190.121753.sip.pbxww.com. Please replace our sample value with your value from the phone.systems™ SIP device configuration box. If you are banned, you will see something similar to this:


If you are indeed temporarily banned, you should firstly try to figure out where you went wrong configuring your SIP client. Once you think you have figured out the problem and corrected it, you can wait for the temporary ban to be lifted or e-mail us at info@telezvon.com with your IP address and username so that we can lift the ban for you.

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